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The function of a three-way valve is to permit replacement of one of the pressure relief devices, while the other is protecting the pressure vessel. In this way, a vessel is protected from over-pressure during servicing. It also allows a pressure relief device to be replaced in-situ, without removing the system refrigerant charge.


All three-way valves are suitable for HCFC and HFC refrigerants along with their associated oils. The 802 series is also suitable for ammonia.

Refrigeration standard, EN378, specifies that a three-way valve is required on vessels of CE Category II, III and IV. EN378 or an equivalent National Standard should be consulted for further guidance. It should be recognised however that a three-way valve can be fitted to a vessel of any size, to enable safe, easy and economical replacement of pressure relief devices.


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Tuotenumero Laitemalli Kuvaus Paino
VAROM141491 A4465 1/2"-1/2" kaksoisnippa
A4465 A4465 1/2"-1/2" kaksoisnippa  
VAROH141506 925 1/2" sisäk. vaihtoventtiili
925 925 1/2" sisäk. vaihtoventtiili 0.47 kg
VAROH141534 925M 1/2" ulkok vaihtoventtiili
925M 925M 1/2" ulkok vaihtoventtiili 0.57 kg
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